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[ rooms originals ]

garments made by chase piepul

rooms originals is focused on quality over quantity and strives to be ethically and carefully made.
the message rooms spreads is to embrace art, and that we are all our own people and communities; that the gift of being human is the ability to create.

all designs made are created from scratch.

rooms is inspired by my love for graffiti, skateboarding, video games, anime, and streetwear fashion that is made for the culture rather than the profit.
rooms is about spreading awareness of other artists as well, whether if it is fashion, music, drawing, or any other mediums, it is about the ability to create and share art with the world.

in this phase of rooms, it is about making garments for my friends and I who genuinely care about the art of it, and as well as those around the world who are interested in my clothing and my brand's purpose.


eva tee....

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